Sang Pahlawan Hati (EP)

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  • Release date: 2021-11-10
  • Album artist: Diana Susanti
  • Main Genre: Acoustic, Classical, Classiceastique
  • Studios: DIANA Studios
  • Record label: ANDA Entertainments Records


  1. Syukur
  2. Syukur (Acoustic)
  3. Gugur Bunga
  4. Gugur Bunga (Acoustic)

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Album Description:

After making some journey and doing some research and reflections, Diana’s collection is in tribute to all Indonesian Heroes who died in the war for Independence, titled by her “Sang Pahlawan Hati”, which receive huge attention for reviving Indonesian Classical song. Featured two well-known compositions including “Syukur” and “Gugur Bunga”, re-arranged and performed by Diana Susanti herself, gave a profound yearning for lasting love and peace.

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