Al I’tiraf (Single)

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  • Release date: 2023-11-03
  • Album artist: Diana Susanti, Ayisha
  • Main Genre: Classiceastique, Neo-Klasikal, Spiritual
  • Record label: Anaste Records


1.) Al ‘Itiraf

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Album Description:

Susan’s beautiful orchestral arrangement of the redemption poem by Abu Nuwas, “Al I’tiraf”. As through this hard times as two holy lands (WP & Al Quds) has been oppressed so harshly, and this is the time for us to be grounded to the earth and remember who we are, this poem is a reflection and devotion to our Lord for our accounts. And as Susan’s grieve and tears upon these situations, this devotional poem she dedicated to remind us how weak we are as human-being.

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