Aisyah Istri Rasulullah ﷺ (Single)

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  • Release date: 2023-08-08
  • Album artist: Diana Susanti, Ayisha
  • Main Genre: Classiceastique
  • Studios: Remastered from Susan’s July Port Moresby Tour (REMASTERED BY SITI CUT MEUTYA @ DIANA STUDIOS UAE)
  • Record label: Anaste Records


1.) Aisyah Istri Rasulullah ﷺ

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The beautiful timeless love story of Sayyidah Aisha (RA) with Rasulullah ﷺ are beautifully written in an infamous Malaysian-rewritten song “Aisyah Istri Rasulullah” by Razif bin Zainudin. As the profound message of Love teaching, Susan has been re-arranged this masterpiece in her style as for her 2023’s Port Moresby (PNG) Tour. The beautiful rhythm of her re-arrangemets, captures the golden sunset of Ummul Mu’minin & Rasulullah’s Love Story.

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