Hari Merdeka (Single)

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Hari Merdeka

General Metadata:

  • Release date: 2022-08-17
  • Album artist: Diana Susanti (feat. Fitya Nur Aini)
  • Main Genre: Classiceastique, Nationalist
  • Studios: DIANA Studios, TMHS Abu Dhabi
  • Record label: Anaste Records


  1. Hari Merdeka

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Album Description:

Diana’s new arrangement for Husein Mutahar’s composition “Hari Merdeka” is finally here. Collaborated with another Anaste’s artist, Fitya Nur Aini, as well with her friends from Lamongan and Abu Dhabi. This complex arrangement was performed beautifully by Diana Susanti. For her special gift for her beloved homeland Indonesia, as the occation of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

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