Tanah Airku (Remake)

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  • Release date: 2023-08-04
  • Album artist: Diana Susanti
  • Main Genre: Nationalist, Classiceastique
  • Record label: Anaste Records


1.) Tanah Airku (2023 Remake)

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As an apology and undeniably yearning feeling of a Timikan musician, Diana Susanti, she decided to remake one of her hits “Tanah Airku” (Originally released in Jan 2022, Originally composed by Mrs. Saridjah Niung), with new additional arrangements and more moving peaceful harmony. Recorded across her studios at Al Ain (UAE) to Mimika (West Papua), the efforts to revive and convey this beautiful poem (song) by Mrs. (Almh.) Saridjah Niung (known as Ibu Soed) had the result of diverse melody which make this release a lot more special and captivating listeners to always grateful for their roots.

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