Thinking In Loneliness

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  • Release date: 2021-05-21
  • Album Artist: Diana Susanti
  • Main Genre: Classiceastique
  • Studio: DIANA Studios
  • Record Label: ANDA Entertainments Records


  1. Thinking in Loneliness


Composer: Diana Susanti

Arrangements: Diana Susanti

Piano: Diana Susanti

Record Director: Ade Liya, Christina Agustine

Mixing and Mastering: Siti Cut Meutya

Producer: Angga Bassoni Al Barkah

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“Thinking In Loneliness” is a new composition by Diana Susanti. A chill composition and song with a sad mood inside. Originally composed by Angga Bassoni Al Barkah, and then translated and arranged by Diana Susanti. Diana hides something in this composition, and its listener can try to discover what it means. Each piece of track is performed beautifully by herself. Mastered professionally by her friend, Siti Cut Meutya.

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