Tombo Ati (Single)

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  • Release date: 2024-03-02
  • Album artist: Diana Susanti
  • Main Genre: Classiceastique, Syiiran, Spiritual
  • Record label: Anaste Records


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Susan’s freshly calm rendition of the timeless Syi’ir of Kanjeng Sunan Bonang (Raden Sayid Maulana Makhdum Ibrahim, 1465-1525 CE)’s “Tombo Ati” released at the dawn to welcoming Ramadan. This Syi’ir “Tombo Ati” have been known in Eastern Javanese culture as a usual part of Masjid’s pujian (the poem which recited between Adzan & Iqamah, known in Javanese-based Mosques) or oftentimes recite in Societal Gathering. The soothing melody in a fusion of Classical and Javanese Traditional music, reciting the reminder of the Ultimate healing of our wounded hearts. As our reminders that we are just mere slaves of the Almighty, the melody made to be earthly and simple as straightforward as the messages of the Kanjeng Sunan Bonang tried to convey of this timeless Syi’iran.

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