Just released: Diana Susanti’s new arrangement for “Ku Lihat Ibu Pertiwi”

Just released: Diana Susanti’s new arrangement for “Ku Lihat Ibu Pertiwi”. The long anticipated release by Anaste Records & Diana Susanti. Took the recording on Classiceastique Hall, and collaborating with her friends from three differents places, Timika (Central Papua), Jombang (East Java), and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), as well with Diana’s founded orchestra ensemble group, Classiceastique Music Orchestra, brought you a peaceful and devotional music, to the journey of life. “Ku Lihat Ibu Pertiwi” is one of Indonesian Patriotic songs which originally a christian devotional songs titled “What A Friend We Have In Jesus (PBUH)” by Sir Charles C. Converse, potrayed about the mother earth Indonesia as her resource has been taken by oppressors. Indonesian words itself were written by Mr. Kamsiddi Samsuddin in around 1908.

“I really aware of the religion disputes here, because for myself as a music composer in Classiceastique genre, I’ve been perform both the original ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus (PBUH)’ in chruch and the ‘Ku Lihat Ibu Pertiwi’ in national occation events, and I really understand the deep meaning of this composition.” said Diana. She said that she is so careful to raise this composition up, because it belongs to some of particular religion and nation in the same time, then it would be so controversional for some peoples as Diana Susanti herself is a Muslimah. “I know that it might offends some of peoples, as a Muslimah myself but move in Gospel & Classical Music, but what I want to raise here is the essence of its deep meaning. This is the Love that I want to convey.” said this Javanese women. “I’m glad when Diana said to me want to raise this devotional compositions, this composition is worth to raise by some of different elements” said Mr. Marcus, a Pastoor who got involved in the production. But from that, Diana tried to raise the current social phenomena, particularly in Papua, about the massive exploitation of nature resource. “As I see my land itself, Papua, and generally Indonesia, I really sad about all of destruction we made to our beautiful natures.”

In the production itself, she’s invited so many musicians and religion elders from both Islam & Christian, to unite their ways into One Unity. “I made the arrangements and my teachers make some of correction.” Diana said. For the orchestra itself, Diana picked her own Classiceastique Music Orchestra. It was recorded on Classiceastique Hall, Timika for the string, DIANA Studios & Red Light Studios (UK) for the piano & bass performance, and for the choir itself recorded in three places: Timika, Jombang, and Abu Dhabi, by Diana Susanti and her fellow musicians. Mixed and mastered by Siti Cut Meutya at DIANA Studios Timika, Indonesia.

“I release this because all of those reason, as my sorrow and Love Message for the World, and for the unity. And for credits itself I won’t remove the original composer, Sir Charles Crozat Converse, as he created the music.” Diana said. One of the choir said that she is so honour to got involved in the production, and convey love to the world through the project. “Firstly, I want to say thank you to sis Diana, for this huge honour. I’m glad when she invited me in the first place, like I said: ‘What? I got picked, sis Diana?’ and she said yes you are my chosen one. I work so many musicians and they’re nice people, and remember that this project is devotional song. I never work on Gospel music genre before, and I need to adjust myself in this project. But, it’s very exciting project that I ever got involved, and I know sis Diana’s mission is pure.” said AAB from Abu Dhabi.

“Ku Lihat Ibu Pertiwi” by Diana Susanti is released by Anaste Records on Oct 14, 2022. It available on all major and streaming & download platforms. As the follow of the release: “Salaam” by Salim-Sulaiman & Ayisha Abdul Basith on Oct 6 2022, “The Journey” by Sami Yusuf on Oct 13 2022.


Diana Susanti