JUST RELEASED: A Newly Fresh Remake of Diana Susanti’s “Tanah Airku”

Just released: Diana Susanti’s new remake of her “Tanah Airku”. The long anticipated remake by Anaste Records & Diana Susanti for one of her hits “Tanah Airku” is finally out. Took the recording in her newly Studios in Al Ain (United Arab Emirates), and collaborating with her friends from her hometown in Timika (West Papua), as well with Diana’s founded orchestra ensemble group, Classiceastique Music Orchestra, brought you a newly music to gratitude being in homeland. “Tanah Airku” is one of Indonesian songs which originally composed by Mrs. (Almh.) Saridjah Niung (known as Ibu Soed), portrayed about the undoubtedly yearning and praise towards the homeland, as it’s part of our destiny and Roots.

“The earlier version of ‘Tanah Airku’ wasn’t satisfied me enough because we’ve rush in its making that day, so I commit to myself, that as my responsibility and apology, I would make the new version of that beautiful composition, and Alhamdulillah, we made it recently” said Diana. She said that this project was possible by the help of her closest ones and the seamless collaboration between her with her Timika’s friends. As she is now live in Al Ain (UAE), Diana tried to raise her yearning feeling towards her homeland, Papua, and being grateful for born and living in there for over 15 years. “You never know how happy I am for able to get the opportunity to raise and again praise my homeland Papua, as there I feel I belong to home.”

In the production itself, she’s invited many musicians including her iconic Timikan-Ambonese drummer Adhitya Ryan Saimima to the production. “And yet again, because Angga wants me to again get Ryan Saimima involved, so here he is”Diana said. For the orchestra itself, Diana picked her own Classiceastique Music Orchestra. It was recorded across UAE and West Papua under control of Angga Bassoni Al Barkah, her music producer, through seamless coordination between UAE Team and Timika Team. Mixed and mastered by Siti Cut Meutya at DIANA Studios Al Ain, UAE. And for the enhancement for conveying the true messages of the ‘Tanah Airku’, right after Diana’s tour on Port Moresby, she and her team for the first time took the music video shoot in Papua, even though without her appearance as considering her Privacy Restriction.

“I release this for multiple complex reasons even though I being indirectly involved in Indonesia, for me this ‘Tanah Airku’ is beyond just a national song, yet it’s all about grateful and the key of Love” Diana said. She said that she tried to emphasize the grateful and yearning in this remake, and dedication of reviving the Love Essence of her music vision. “I’m not too nationalist though, even you know how my political sight, yet as the child of Papua, the sacred land in the eastern world, I really try to remind my audiences to always be grateful of their roots and homeland, as those are part of ourselves, and being one the key of gratitude and of course, Love!” Susan’s closure.

“Tanah Airku (2023 Remake)” by Diana Susanti is released by Anaste Records on Aug 4th, 2023. It’s available on all major and streaming & download platforms. As it’s part of her programs “Merdeka Penuh Syukur” and her celebration of AL BARKAH FAMILY’s ‘The Month of Love’.


Diana Susanti