Just released: Diana Susanti’s new composition ‘Happiness’

Just released: Diana Susanti’s new composition ‘Happiness’ was recorded at the DIANA Studios. The compositions are composed by Diana of her gratitude for her first daughter’s birth. As a mother, Diana describes “Happiness” as her gratitude art for her little girl, as God’s Greatest Gift for her life. Also, this composition was specially composed for one of her music teachers, Sami Yusuf, because of his contribution to Diana’s career to raise her up in the music industry. That’s why she decided to release this composition on July 21st, 2022, as her Milad (Birthday) gift to Sami Yusuf.

“When people know I release a composition titled ‘Happiness’, people thought that I did a cover of one of Uncle Yusuf’s compositions ‘Happiness’ just like what sis Ayisha did back in 2021. But, this is my brand new composition that I wrote and performed specially for one, my little daughter, Santi; two, for Sami Yusuf, one of my music teachers. This composition is complex and pretty difficult to perform even by me, but Alhamdulillah, I did. The complexity of this composition came from my intuition, which I thought about God’s Gift to my life that is infinite, the complexity that I draw is something which I always love. And because basically, I’m a Papuan, I took so much of Papuan personality, which always happy and joyful in every single day.”

This brand new, multi-layered composition fills the air with beautiful melodies and dynamic rhythms. The joyful melodies that Diana draws in the composition brought the essence of joy to the listener. The composition displays a depth of musical imagination that carries the essential mystical meaning and joy straight to the heart of the listener. 

Diana Susanti delivers a stunning performance with her skill of performing complex composition, delivering deep captivating reflections for its listeners.

Available now on video and all streaming platforms: https://lnk.dican.to/Happiness

Diana Susanti