Just released: Diana Susanti’s new composition ‘The Last Note’

Just released: Diana Susanti’s new compositions collection ‘The Last Note’ recorded at the DIANA Studios as part of her #ClassiceastiqueTraditional Project, powered by Sami Yusuf, Classiceastique Foundation, and Andante Records. The compositions are composed by Diana along with Angga which speaks of the spiritual joy of dying to the limited self and being reborn into the unlimited ocean of existence, and the beauty of Divine Love at the end of worldly life.

This brand new, multi-layered composition fills the air with intoxicating melodies and dynamic rhythms. Using Sundanese Kecapi, and performed by Diana along with her special friend from Abu Dhabi. The composition displays a depth of musical imagination that carries the essential mystical meaning straight to the heart of the listener. 

Diana Susanti delivers a stunning performance as she is joined by featured musicians from Sunda and India (her companion which lives in Abu Dhabi), delivering deep captivating reflections for its listeners.

Available now on video and all streaming platforms: https://lnk.dican.to/thelastnote

Diana Susanti